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From our kitchen table, to the World’s best bars

Our story began in 2014 when Lindsay & Karl Bond began home distilling tiny batches of spirits from the kitchen table in our home next to Macclesfield Forest.

These initial distillations were purely for our own enjoyment, so we threw in handfuls of berries, mosses and ferns which our 6 year old daughter Harriet had foraged from the forest and surrounding hills. Slowly but surely, word spread about our gin, and we decided to decant the liquid into porcelain bottles to see if anybody would be interested in tasting it?

We are very proud to say that things have rapidly moved on. The Forest Distillery has now relocated to join our sister Whisky distillery at the iconic Cat & Fiddle in the Peak District National Park. Our gin is recognised as one of the worlds finest spirits having won an unprecedented two separate double-gold medals at the San Francisco Spirit Awards. Our products are sold in the finest bars, restaurants, hotels and lounges around the world.

We are still a tiny, independent distillery, and between 5 of us here, we continue to produce our products in the same ways that we did at home, using pestle & mortars and tiny 25 litre stills. We forage for our ingredients regularly in the Forest and we always do our very best to ensure that these fresh, natural flavours come through to your glass.




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