Forest Whisky. Blend Number Twenty Six.


Award Winning Blended Whisky. 70cl porcelain bottle

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The big award winner! Our Blend Number Twenty Six receives the  MASTERS Award in the World Whisky Masters. Higher than a gold medal, it required all of the judges to score over 92 points in a blind tasting.


We have distilled Cheshire Barley & Oats with wild yeast and our own spring water. This was then matured in Oak below the Cat & Fiddle, before being blended with other selected whiskies here at the distillery. A final, sumptuous stage of flavour was then added, by resting the blend in new English Oak casks here in our cellars.

The result is a distinctly smooth and bright whisky of the very highest quality. It has a delicate sweetness, which is beautifully balanced by the English Oak

The bottle is hand made English porcelain by Wade Ceramics and glazed with a papercut by the artist Georga Lowe.

Tasting notes:

Colour: Golden almonds

Nose: Bright, fresh, lemon meringue

Palette: Sweet honeycomb, soft butter. Green apples

Finish: Soft wood, burnt matchsticks

This has been bottled at 47% ABV in 700ml porcelain bottles using our own spring water.

The bottles are polished black porcelain with a papercut by the artist Georgia Low glazed with real gold.


Weight2 kg
Dimensions12 × 12 × 37 cm



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Forest Whisky. Blend Number Twenty Six.

Availability: Only 3 left in stock

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